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Michael Green Band


The Michael Green Band is a new, fast growing force in the modern blues scene. Founded in late 2016, the band is set to release their debut single in May 2017 and their first EP in October.

The main driving force in the band is the young songwriter Michael Green. When listening to his music you can immediately hear the blues and classic rock influence from his youth. A Chicago native, as a young teenager Michael sharpened his chops by sneaking into any blues club or dive bar that would have him. He now frequents plying at Kingston Mines and other blues clubs around the city.

He is now returning to the music after an extended hiatus due to a near career ending injury. Michael and drummer Tom Fry, long time friends and band mates since high school, began rehearsing new songs over the summer of 2016, and once they began the train just kept on rolling. Regarding getting back into songwriting, he stated, “When I began to play again, I opened the creative tap to see if anything would come out. I haven't been able to stop it from flowing since.” This new burst of energy, creativity and inspiration can be heard in every performance of this young, new band and certainly makes them a group to watch out for.

The new sound these young musicians have discovered is incredibly fresh, yet comfortably familiar. The sound of the band and the compositions has been described by Michael as, “John Mayer meets Keith Richards”  The music can range anywhere to sweet and grooving to downright gritty. Whether seeing the band live or listening to their recordings, one can hear the blues acrobatics of Stevie Ray Vaughan, the pop/soul feel of John Mayer, the funky grooves of Galactic, and the heavy guitar rock of Jack White. These wide ranging influences create a very unique sound that has the blues at the heart of every song.


Lead Vocals, Guitar / Michael Green
Backup Vocals / Stephanie Fratangelo
Bass / Justin Peterson
Drums / Tom Fry



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