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Michael Green Band



The Story


The Michael Green Band is a new, fast growing force in the modern rock scene. Founded in late 2016, the band is set to release their new single Virginia in June 2018 and their first full length album in September.

The main driving force in the band is the young songwriter Michael Green. When listening to his music you can immediately hear the superbly eclectic classic influences from his youth. A Chicago native, as a young teenager Michael sharpened his chops by sneaking into any blues club or dive bars that would have him. He now frequents playing at many of the rock clubs around the city including Beat Kitchen, Tonic Room, Moe's Tavern, and many others.

While the Michael Green Band has deep influences in traditional music styles like Blues, New Orleans funk, Jazz, and Classic Rock, their sound is anything but. The songwriting and energy of this band draws from an extensive group of influences including John Mayer, SZA, Nirvana, St. Vincent, Jimi Hendrix, among many others. This young songwriter has developed an insatiable desire to absorb any and all new music that he can and this can clearly be heard on the upcoming album.

Vocals, Guitar / Michael Green
Drums/ Tom Fry
Bass / Ben Mason
Vocals / Stephanie Fratangelo


MGB-Album (2).jpg


by Michael Green Band

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